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FASHION TRENDS SS2015: Smart Shopping (Part 3)

Female Body Shapes

Fashion Trends SS 2015 have been the subject of our posts during the last two weeks. We talked about the 4 key elements of the trends this season (colors, fabrics, prints and apparel logo) and different styles of women that firms and designers have devised for us this Spring/ Summer. With these keys we have seen, we can get a general idea of the resources we have to dress in the coming months.

To conclude our trilogy Fashion Trends SS 2015, we are now going to see how we can adapt all these elements we saw different female body shapes, so that we can take full advantage of our physical with all the proposals that we have been working. As we always clarified, in AF Moda we believe that beyond the level of knowledge of our readers is always good to remember all these issues related to morphology and silhouettes, and contextualize them with the fashion proposals of each season, so let´s get to work!.

There is an international image consulting called "Colour me Beautiful" which has defined a set of guidelines in morphology to classify the different physical types of body shapes in the world. From their work, there have appeared new consultants, as well as plenty of freelance image consultants and stylists, who use and complement these theories every day, not only in morphology but also in terms of color harmony and many others elements. Thanks to all these experts, we can identify five types of body shapes, depending on the proportion between the width of the shoulders and the width of the hips. These body shapes are:

- HOURGLASS BODY SHAPE: Shoulder width in proportion to the width of the hips, with a defined waist. It is the ideal silhouette, proportionally compensated.
- TRIANGLE BODY SHAPE: very narrow shoulders and wide hips
- INVERTED TRIANGLE BODY SHAPE: very wide shoulders and narrow hips
- RECTANCULAR BODY SHAPE: Shoulders in line with hips but without a defined waist
- OVAL BODY SHAPE: shoulders, waist and hip rounded, which results in a very sinuous body.

Types of Body Shapes

This season we can make the best of our physiognomy intelligently applying the Fashion Trends Fashion SS 2015. In AF Moda we have created some suggestions for you:

We can say that this is a silhouette privileged by nature, so it means that any article that it uses, both the top and bottom of the body, will favor it. This body can also use all sorts of fabrics and prints, which means that this Spring-Summer 2015 can play with all the options that we have been discussing in the previous post.

Hourglass Body Shape

In this case, we need to harmonize the silhouette volumizing the smooth shoulders and easing off the hips, using at the top garments with structured shoulders, rounded sleeves, body tissues and all kinds of patterns and colors, while at the bottom straight garments (never tight), in dark tones and solid colors, and as far as possible without pleats, ruffles, frills or pockets. As for dresses, they should be straight or with empire waist. This body can also play with colorful accessories so that deviate attention to the face and not towards the hips, which is what we want to conceal. It is also advisable to always carry a little heel, to gain slenderness.

Triangle Body Shape

Here we seek to soften the shoulders and give volume to the hips to harmonize the silhouette. To do this, we will use at the tops garments with unstructured shoulders and all kinds of sleeves, avoiding the shoulder pads and linear jackets; also will use tissues with little body and weight, and also will try to rather small prints and harmonic colors; for the bottom, we will use rounded garments that allow us to give volume and amplitude at the hip, being allowed the use of pleats, ruffles, decorations, etc.. We must avoid the straight and very tight clothes. We can use fabrics with body, volume and thickness at the bottom, in addition to all kinds of patterns and color contrasts.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

With this silhouette, the objective is to smooth the rightness of their lines and define the waist, to get as close as possible to the perfect hourglass silhouette. We will achieve this by using on the top of the body garments with unstructured shoulder and sinuous lines, avoiding thick and stiff fabrics, and specially marking the waist either through the cut of the garment or belts of all kinds, and also avoiding bright colors or prints with color contrast; for the bottom, we will choose any type of garment with sinusoidal shape to the hips, using fabrics with drop and weight.

Rectangular Body Shape

This silhouette is very curvy, so it is necessary to structure and give it slenderness. To do this, at the top we will use structured shoulders and vertical lines, avoiding curved lines, also,  tissues should be fine, with weight and fall, and in harmonic colors, with no contrasts. For the bottom, straight clothes are recommended, with linear forms, with fabrics that have fall and weight, with small prints and in color harmony.

It doesn´t matter which body shape we have; the important thing is knowing how to choose the clothes and accessories that in one hand fit better with our physiognomy, and in the other best represent our personality and style. First of all we should feel beautiful and comfortable with our image. The fashion market offers endless possibilities in the most varied qualities and prices, so we can be dressed during the season without get broke trying to do it. It's all about observing the stores, so that buying seasonal trends becomes a pleasant experience, and we can also do it properly.

We can be the woman we want to be, and transmit to the world the many qualities within us. Recall that, for better or for worse, the first picture is what counts, and is worth a thousand words well; we do everything in our power to project the best image of ourselves, clothing us with common sense and judgment every season. Fashion Trends SS 2015 will help us a lot to get it.

In AF Moda we are always willing to help in this regard; We love to share this trilogy with you every season!. And once again we will complement our trilogy of Fashion Trends SS 2015, publishing a new post next week with specific outfits and looks for mature and senior women, so you can´t miss it!. See you!!.

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