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FASHION TRENDS S/S2015: Smart Shopping (Part 2)

Fashion Trends SS 2015

Fashion Trends S/S 2015 are the main theme of AF Moda´s posts during the next few days. Last week we published the First Part of our trilogy, and talked about the four key elements to consider when buying fashionable clothes each season: colors, prints, fabrics and garments key. This week will see the different ways we can combine these seasonal fashion garments, resulting in different styles for women.

Fashion Trends S/S 2015 offer many style alternatives. Remember that the style is the image we project in terms of how we dress and behave. Each season, designers propose with the way they mix garments different "styles" of woman, which somehow also become trend to imitate by fashion consumers. In AF Moda we always suggest to study well the styles each season are proposed, and choose that or those with whom we feel more identified, adapting them to our wardrobe, our personal taste and our economic possibilities. In this fashion, "not everything is for everyone," and as consumers of fashion should be fully aware of it to handle it in our favor.

Let's take a look to the styles that the Fashion Trends S/S 2015 brings:

This style imitates the aesthetics of this era. Are notable the high waists and flared pants, bohemian style dresses, crochet garments, psychedelic prints, the shoulder bags and the big sunglasses.

70´s Style

It is inspired by the delicacy of the Asian world. Are notable the embroidery work, Quipao dresses, kimonos, prints of herons and water lilies, the Zori sandals and wide belts Obi type.

Oriental Style

A style that rescues the elements of Spanish folklore, moving them to fashion but only in details, never in a total look. Are notable the frills, fringes, dots print, carnations in the hair, the bolero-type jackets and manila shawls.

Spanish Style

This style has become constant in fashion, and what it does is to interpret the dress of the soldiers and militia "in fashion code". Are notable the baggy trousers, bomber jackets, the military style´s button fastening, the booty sandals, and the khaki-denim combination.

Military Style

It is inspired by the looks of the great rock icons as David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones. Are notable the colorful, mix of prints, leather pants, the biker jackets, details with glitter, and especially the stars in prints and accessories.

Rock Festival Style

This style takes the pattern of male clothing, but translating it into feminine and minimalist code. Are notable the suits, masculine trousers, the classic white shirt, bow ties, the Oxford shoes and briefcase style bag.

Male Style

It rescues the ethnic elements and interprets them in fashion code. Are notable the long dresses, skirts made of natural and organic fabrics, vests, fringes, beads, animal print, and tribal-inspired accessories.

Tribal Style

A style that invites us to the urban adventure, to discover our wild and explorer side. Are notable the earth and khaki tones, Saharans jackets, trench, leather sandals, short neck scarves and animal print accessories.

Safari Style

It is inspired by the style of metal rockers, but reinterpreting their image  and filling it with style and femininity. Are notable the total black looks, the bikers jackets, perforated garments, corset style tops, studs and chains, and high-waisted pants.

Hard Rock Style

Once again Fashion Trends  S/S 2015 offers many possibilities to be the "woman / Style" we want to be, depending on our personality, the occasion, the place we go and our physical type. In magazines and fashion blogs, you will find many tips and advices to dress in these styles, so be attentive to the ideas that they provide.

From AF Moda, as always, we invite you to play, to try all styles and have fun with fashion, adapting them to your own vision and resources. It´s all about exploring the many faces that can have our personality and essence, taking advantage of the possibilities that Fashion Trends S/S 2015 offer us for this.

In our next post, we'll make specific proposals for each type of morphology, creating own outfits with elements of Fashion Trends S/S 2015, being the last part of our trilogy. So do not miss our meeting!. See you there!.

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