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One look from day to night

"One Look from Day to the Night" is the dream of every modern woman living in the XXI century. So often we have to divide ourselves into multiple activities, but we don´t want to lose our femininity and our style.

The good news is that achieving to maintain one look from day to the night is not an impossible mission if we know which garments we need and how to use them. In AF Moda, once again concerning about the wishes and needs of our readers, we wanted to make a post with some simple ideas that will be very useful for those long and intense days. Let´s work!.

The key to transform one look from day to the night is on two key elements:

On the one hand, we should wear neutral base garments (top + bottom garment or dress), being them nice, with a good quality, in plain colors and preferably in a fabric that doesn´t wrinkle, so that they reach the night in the best condition.

On the other hand, we must know how to choose the accessories, hairstyle and makeup appropriate to transform that neutral look we wore since morning. This necessarily means having a big bag where we can carry all the elements to change our look and makeup, such as perfume and personal care products (deodorant, toothbrush, etc.).

We always recommend to transform one look from day to the night applying the philosophy of going from less to more in almost every way: with makeup, with hairstyle with heel height and with the size of jewelry / accessories. The only element that we will go on reverse will be with bag, preferring handbags or clutches for the evening.

Of course, transforming one look from day to the night depends on a key factor: we must be fully aware of the degree of formality of the event we are going. For casual dining, an outing with friends, even to a theater play, we could a little more worked casual looks. However, as for a formal dinner, a particular social event, going to the opera or some event where they specified the degree of formality, we must find a way to go home and show our complimentary assisting with the proper and better look we can afford. It is an act of respect and education to compliment with the required formalities, and it will always give us the opportunity of looking beautiful and feeling good about our image in every moment of our lives.

To close our post, as always, we leave you some proposals of outfits created by AF Moda for you with some ideas to transform one look from day to the night.

Look from day to night

Changing one look from day to night

Transform one look from day to night

One look from day to the night

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