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FASHION TRENDS F/W 2014-2015: Smart Shopping (Part 2)

Smart Shopping

Fashion Trends Fall/ Winter 2014-2015 were the subject of our post last week. On it we talked about the four key elements to take into account to consider when we buy fashionable clothes every season: the colors, patterns, fabrics and key pieces. Now we will investigate the ways in which we can combine these seasonal fashion garments, resulting in different styles for women.

But first, as always in our trilogy, we must understand what we are talking about: when it comes to style, we refer to the image we project in terms of how we dress and behave. Each season, designers mix clothing in different ways, proposing different "styles" of women, which somehow also become trends to imitate fashionable consumers.
Being aware of the different styles of each season is essential to know how to use fashion trends, and as we always suggest in AF Moda, we must study in detail these styles, choosing that or those with whom we feel more identified, adapting our wardrobe, our possibilities and our personal taste and our economic potential to it. As we always say, in this fashion "not everything is for everyone," and as consumers of fashion must be fully aware of it in order to handle it in our favor.

That said, let´s analyze briefly the styles that will be clue in these Fashion Trends Fall/ Winter 2014-2015:

A repeated style of cold weather, which makes an interpretation of the dress of the soldiers and militia "in fashion code". In this style we can highlight the aviator jackets, coats and upper garments mimicking the button fastening and cuts of military suits, khakis and green colors, high boots, military print and gold details. A style for determined and strong women, who want to show power without losing their femininity.

Fashion F/W 2014-2015

It is characterized by its bohemian and ethnic mood, featuring lightweight fabrics, long skirts, furs, variety of boots, the ethnic or tribal prints, and leather accessories. It is a style for women of free spirit, which connect to the various cultures of the world and want to communicate it on their dress.

Trends F/W 2014-2015

Another style that always comes in cold weather, which seeks to "feminize" the cut and the clothes of the men. We can highlight the large or "oversize" coats, double breasted also, the straight pants, neutral dresses, borsalin hat, the blazer, the pumps and also the slippers. In a world dominated by men, this style is for functional women with a strong character, but who never lose their femininity.

Fashion trends F/W 2014-2015

A style that evokes rebellion and style of that time, imitating its retro air. It is a style wherein contrast are important, for example acid colors and hounds tooth print, very short skirts imitating  Mary Quant and pencil skirts to the knee, flats and high boots, dresses with geometric shapes, retro air shoes with width heel, short coats and op art or geometric patterns, as well as details on vinyl or plastic. It is a nostalgic style that mixes innocence and mischief, with a nod to retro.

Fashion Trends F/W 2014-2015

As its name suggests, is a style where the dress is brought to a minimum expression, avoiding the trimmings. It is sober, refined and crisp. We can highlight the restrained and austere garments in blocks of one color, and the clean and loose cuts. It has some remembrance to the fashion of the nineties. It is a functional style for women seeking absolute neutrality in their dress, and making of this a form of expression.

Fashion Trends F/W 2014-2015

It is inspired by the world of skiing, taking from it garments chunky knit, trench coats belted at the waist, ponchos, fretwork prints, mountaineering boots, the knitted caps, and generally the combination of several layers of clothing. It is a sporty air style, but without losing its point of glamor. It will help to combine it with basic neutral clothes so you will not look overdone.

Fashion Trends F/W 2014-2015

It is a style that is inspired by the world of fairies, nymphs and princesses, taking their romantic and sublime air and transmitting it in sheer dresses, dream embroidery, floral prints, delicate accessories, use of lace and transparencies, and all the visual universe of nature and butterflies. A style totally for princesses of the XXI century!

Fashion Trends F/W 2014-2015

This style has become recurrent in recent seasons, making reference to sports clothes, but taking it to the field of fashion. Notable are the high-waisted trousers, sport shirts, baseball jackets, the pleated skirts, the skaters shoes, satin sweaters, mini shorts, headphones and sneakers in all its variations. A style for energetic and active women, who have a fitness but glamorous spirit.

Fashion Trends F/W 2014-2015

The wonderful thing about fashion is that always offers us many opportunities to be the "Woman/Style" we want to be, depending on our personality, the occasion, the place we go and our physical type. In magazines and fashion blogs, you will find during all these months many proposals relating to combine the Fashion Trends Fall/ Winter 2014-2015, with many tips and advice to dress in these styles. So we have to pay attention.
As usual, from AF Moda we invite to play, to try all styles and have fun with fashion, adapting them to your own vision and resources. It´s all about exploring the many faces that can have our personality and essence, and harness the potential that fashion trends offer us for this.

In our next week post, and for the closing of our trilogy, we'll make specific proposals for each type of morphology, with own outfits that blend the Fashion Trends Fall/Winter 2014, being the last part of our trilogy. So don´t miss our meeting!. See you!

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