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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid 2015-2016

The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid is the fashion week with more tradition in Spain, and it recently celebrated its Fall/Winter 2015-2016 edition. Like every year, IFEMA was the space taken to show the work and proposals of the most important firms in Spanish fashion and the work of new designers through its platform Samsung Ego.

Once again in AF Moda, we dedicate one of our posts to talk about the work of the designers of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid we like the most. We have been following some of them for a while, others we recently discovered in this edition, but the fact is that this is always an event that we love, and always we are pleasantly surprised by the quality of the collections presented and talent of Spanish designers.

That said, we tell you which were our favorite designers of this Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid, Fall/Winter 2015-.2016´s edition:

(Source of images: Vogue Spain Magazine. Edition: AF Moda)

This designer is one of our eternal favorite! We love her creativity, her perfect pattern and elegant rebellion. Her new collection is entitled "Room 13" and is inspired by the walls of the Prado Museum, as an aesthetic reference that resists time. The garments of this collection seek to rescue the timelessness of ·”the classics” in the changing fashion world, and therefore proposes a vital, colorful and modern reinterpretation of them. The color palette ranges in yellow, white, gray, black and green, working with light fabrics, leather, glitter and wool fabrics. Simply wonderful!.

Teresa Helbig O/I 2015-2016

It is the first time that this firm participates in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid. Its collection is purely winter and is called "Warming”, rescuing the warmth of the garments and protective feeling of their designs. It is a collection that exudes femininity and urban style, designed for women who want to be comfortable while still being stylish and wearing protecting clothes. The collection maintains the seal of the house: the silhouettes, colors and design patterns, volumes and mini-dresses. They work with fabrics like crepe of wool, mohair cloth, pure wool, and embroidered gauze. The color palette moves through the navy, burgundy and pale pink.

2nd Skin and Co O/I 2015-2016

This brand is synonymous with happiness and joy, reflected in everything that surrounds it: their models, their advertising campaigns and especially in the treatment given to the color. This collection invites us to a nomadic life and to promote the idea of facing new challenges in life. With their particular cuts and asymmetrical designs, full of style, this new collection proposes a palette ranging from mauve, mustard, black, burgundy and green. A very nice and fun collection!

Desigual O/I 2015-2016

Presenting the Samsung Ego platform, the firm was the winner of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Talent Award this year. Her collection is entitled "Fragile" and seeks to convey the vulnerability and transformation, inspired by the new career of one of its creative directors who now runs the firm alone. The color palette moves between black, nude, fuchsia and blue. Notable are the large volumes, as a symbol of protection, and the work with fabrics of felt, wool, stiff fabrics and gauze.

María Clé Leal O/I 2015-2016

This firm has been a discovery for us: We love it!. Its designer, of Turkish origin and trained in Italy, creates unique pieces inspired by its cultural heritage but with a contemporary flair. This collection is based in their memories and childhood dreams, transformed into a fun and current collection. The motifs and embroidery are full of color, double faced and plastic laminated leather as main material, and the work with contrasts of garments using bulky jackets with sophisticated lines, or with fabrics like silks mixed with cashmere. The color palette contrasts coral, burgundy, violet, blue and camel tones, with gray and deeper blacks. We really like the work of this firm!.

Lug Von Siga O/I 2015-2016

Once again we close a week full of fashion, talent and creativity. Spanish designers get over the difficulty of the times we live and seek new ways to reinvent themselves without losing its traditions and origins. The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid consolidates its glorious past with a present and a future that is yet to be written.

In AF Moda we hope to continue sharing their story with our readers in each new edition. We can´t wait to see the proposals for the next S/S 2016!. We have to wait until September to continue enjoying the talents of Spanish fashion and see a new edition of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid.

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